Casino Slots Machines Payout Percentages

King Cash A Lot Slot Machine

Online today you will find that the majority of the casino slots machines have a decent payout and are programmed to have payouts around 82% to 98% of the total accumulated money that has been wagered by players which calculates the win ratio. This percentage is what is known as the “theoretical payout percentage” and the minimum rate actually varies among different gambling jurisdictions. These casino slots payout percentages are often set in place by local gambling laws or regulations. In casino slots machines in Nevada and New Jersey for example, the minimum payout is set at 75% and 78% respectively.

How are these payout percentages determined? Along with the winning patterns on the casino slot machines, the amounts that they pay and the frequencies of the pay-outs, these are carefully chosen in order to give a certain portion of the money that is played on the premises to the “house” or the operator of the slots machine), while the rest is returned to the players during the course of a game. If a certain slots machine costs $1 per spin for example, and its payout percentage has been set at 95%, it can be expected that after 1,000,000 spins, the machine will return approximately $950,000 to the players, all of who combined have spent $1,000,000 during that entire period. What of the remaining $50,000? Well, that amount is then kept by the casino slots machine’s operator!